RyTool - Master Diesel Compression Test Kit

RyTool - Master Diesel Compression Test Kit


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Diesel compression tester with wide range of adaptors
High quality hydraulic gauge w/rubber jacket.
Full glow plug and injector adaptors.
Additional clamp-on adaptors provide for truck, van, bus, marine & agricultural vehicles.
100mm gauge assembly, 70bar/1000psi, Hose length: 430mm
20-glow plug test adaptors
1- M8 x P1.0 (111mm)
10- M10 x P1.0 various lengths
7- M10 m T1.25 various lengths
1-M12 x P1.25 (8.77mm)
1-M19 x P1.0 (132mm)
5-injector test adaptors
1-M22 x P1.5 87mm(L.) Dia.16.5
1-M24 x P1.5 75mm(L.) Dia.9
1-M20 x P1.5, 62mm(L.) Dia.9
5-clamp-on injector adaptors
1-M10 x P1.25: 30, 35, 40.5
2 x 41.5mm (L)
1-clamp-on spindle: M10 x P1.25, 175mm(L.)
1-Dia 3.3mm, Side Dia:8.2mm, 52.5mm(L.)
1-Dia:13.3mm, Slot Dia:18mm 64.2mm(L.)
1-Dia:13.3mm, Slot Dia:24.7mm, 73.1mm(L.)

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